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With the advent of the New Year we often find ourselves thinking about finding ways to improve our health and well-being. We asked some Santa Fe area health practicioners to talk a little about their practices and how patients might benefit from their services.

“Flat Feet Can Be A Problem” by Julie Andresen, M.S.

“You know the old adage the ankle bone’s connected to the knee bone. Well, think for a minute what happens if you have flat feet. There is an automatic internal rotation of the weight bearing bone (tibia) of the lower leg because of the fallen arch in the foot. The tibia is also the weight bearing bone at the knee joint. This obligatory rotation of the tibia can pull on ligaments of the knee, thus resulting in a preloading stress to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) during weight bearing. So, a person with flat feet may be predisposed to ACL injury especially if they are active. This doesn’t mean quit being active, it means take care of your alignment with arch supports and exercise. In physical therapy we can give you exercises that can strengthen the arch and the muscles that will deteriorate the tibia. Don’t ignore your alignment! It has everything to do with how the rest of your body feels and moves.”

Julie Andresen, M.S. is the owner and director of Santa Fe Sports Med and Rehab, Inc., located in El Gancho Fitness, Swim and Racquet Club at 104 Old Las Vegas Highway in Santa Fe, NM. (505) 992-4995

Since 1988 Julie Endreson has traveled throughout the world with Olympic athletes, as a sports medicine specialist. The Olympic Softball athletes used her skills in pre-Olympic play in 2000. She has worked with the USA Track & Field athletes most notably at Olympic trials, World Championships and the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Her clinical approach combines manual techniques to optimize soft tissue and joint function, and specific exercises so the patient learns to care for him or herself. Her recent studies are in foot biomechanics and how they effect the knee, hip, and back. Her clinic is her passion.

“As an audiologist, I find it interesting what hearing aids can do for you!” by Kelly D. Heyman, AuD. Audiologist

Recent research demonstrates that hearing aids clearly are associated with impressive improvements in the social, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of people with hearing loss in all hearing loss categories from mild to severe. Specifically, hearing aid usage is positively related to the following quality of life issues. Hearing loss treatment was shown to improve:

– Earning power
– Communication in relationships
– Intimacy and warmth in family relationships
– Ease in communication
– Emotional stability
– Sense of control over life events
– Perception of mental functioning
– Physical health “
Dr. Kelly Heyman, AuD. is one of the premier audiologists in Santa Fe, NM. Her practice is located at 5 Caliente Road, Suite #5 in Eldorado at Santa Fe, NM (505) 466-7526.

Jeffrey Meyer is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine specializing in Kototama Inochi Medicine. His holistic family-care practice focuses on treating you… the entire you, physically and emotionally. Dr. Meyer has been a New Mexico health care provider since 1992 and is credentialed with Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His office is located at 3 North Chamisa Drive, Suite #3 in the Eldorado area of Santa Fe, NM. (505) 466-2766.

Dr. Meyer spoke with us recently about his specific type of medical practice, Kototama Life Medicine.

What I am trying to do is not only promote this type of medicine, as something different than traditional Chinese medicine, but also teach younger students to take the responsibility of a life study, with no books, no anything, except treating people, using your intuition, understanding spirit, understanding this type of medicine, in an energetic way. True, life, energetic medicine.

Through this process; through the reading of pulses, through the energetics of that individual person, (I can determine) what type of body work is good for that person; not for everybody, but for that person. If you come to me with a headache, energetically, I can determine whether that headache is psychological or physiological, or both. Is it from a past intestinal problem? Or is it psychological – is it stress, or anxiety? So when we treat – it is seriously one-on-one. Every patient is their own individual, and they have their own reasons for being in the conditions that they are in – even if it is acute trauma – even if it is PTSD. That way, energetically, you are telling me what you want me to do to help you.”

Charlotte Cooke, ND LMT

“The potential benefits of massage for elders are many: it may lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and relieve joint pain. Massage can improve flexibility, relax tight muscles and release endorphins.

General relaxation and overall well-being may be the most important results of massage for people living with cancer. In addition, manual lymph drainage can help redirect lymph flow in many conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to post-surgical edema.”

Charlotte Cooke, ND LMT has been a massage therapist since 1986. Thirty years later her focus is on massage for elders and massage for people living with cancer. These specialties are the fruits of caregiving for elders and working as a naturopath in a holistic medical clinic. Charlotte practices message therapy in the Eldorado area of Santa Fe, NM. (505) 466- 3227.