Business Spotlights

A local “fixture” in the Santa Fe music scene strikes out on his own

by Marc-Paul LaRouche

Anyone who has bought a record, a pair of drumsticks, a set of guitar strings, taken a music lesson or worked as a musician in Santa Fe in the last forty-five plus years remembers The Candyman. Since 1969 The Candyman has served (and still serves) the Santa Fe and surrounding communities with a wide variety of music-centric products and services. You could easily say that The Candyman is a fixture in the Santa Fe music world.

One man who served “behind the lines” at The Candyman for three decades was Dave Borrego, who became something of a fixture himself as he served a steady flow of customers and the local community over the years.

After the passing of The Candyman founder and owner (and mentor to Dave Borrego, among many others) Matthew Schwartzman in March of 2009, Dave Borrego eventually left The Candyman to pursue other interests. Dave soon realized that his true love and interest was in retail sales of guitars and musical instruments. Finally, in May of 2015, with the aid of some funds that he pulled from his retirement, Dave Borrego opened Borrego’s Guitars and Music Supply Co. in the St. Michaels Village West Shopping Center in Santa Fe.

As he began the process of planning to open his store he enumerated certain ideals which he felt would best exemplify his philosophy in running his own shop. These ideals included the recognition that “local folks appreciate a good value, and they appreciate good quality products.” With this in mind, Dave set out to acquire “some of the finest guitars you can find for the money “.

Dave Borrego grew up in a rural community; in Santa Cruz in the Espanola Valley. He also spent many summers with his “musician grandpa”, who lived south of Abiquiu along the Rio Chama. He says “my love for acoustic instruments has never waned”

Borrego’s Guitars stocks guitars priced as low as eighty-five dollars and going on up to three or four thousand dollars. As Dave tells us, “our focus here is on service, quality products, excellent values, and being able to bring part of the world down to the local community”.

Borrego’s Guitars and Music Supply features acoustic guitars, electric guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, and the occasional dulcimer or other odd instrument. They also provide guitar strings, drum heads, sticks, and other peripheral items that you would expect to find in any music store. Dave has selected a line of guitars featuring acoustic instruments by Washburn Guitars, Teton Guitars, Alvarez classical and steel string guitars, handmade Breedlove guitars from Bend, Oregon, and Ukeleles from Hawaii (as well as from China). For electric guitars Dave features the Reverend brand, with amplifiers from Vox and Blackstone.

Being keenly aware of the pressure that internet pricing places on the local brick and mortar music store, Borrego’s Guitars strives to buy as intelligently as possible so they can pass along Internet pricing to their customers. They also provide services such as string changes, guitar repairs, minor electronics repairs, etc.

Borrego’s Guitars and Music Supply Co. is located at 1636 St. Michaels Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87508 in the St. Michaels Village West Shopping Center, 3 doors down from Harbor Freight. They are open Mon-Sat 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday Noon to 5 pm. Call Dave (or Dave or Sean) at 505-471-9043 for more information.


“Santa Fe nonprofit business “Computer Charity” Lives Up to Its Name” by Marc-Paul LaRouche

Since 2006 one of Santa Fe’s “Best Kept Secrets” has been methodically repairing, rebuilding and recycling computers and putting them into the hands of those with little means but with a need to have access to a computer. Computer Charity NM , a New Mexico 501(c)3 nonprofit company, began operation as Cybernetwork NM in 2006, under the direction of CEO Doug Schocke, PhD. Having started the business in a space at The Solana Center, Doug moved their operations to Cerrillos and St. Michaels for 2 years. Computer Charity NM now occupies several rooms at 1925 Rosina Street in the Casa Alegre neighborhood just east of Osage Avenue in Santa Fe.

Computer Charity NM regularly receives donations from State of New Mexico offices, private individuals and businesses; even from other non-profits. Doug tells us “Our goal is to get computers in the hands of poor families. Kids who are in school who have a computer at home will do better in school, partly because they are in the habit of reading (on the computer)”. Since its inception in 2006 Computer Charity has given out more than 1,000 computers.

Computer Charity NM provides inexpensive repair services for all makes of computers. They also sell refurbished computers at greatly reduced prices compared to new. In addition to repairs and refurbishing, Computer Charity NM breaks down the components of computers that cannot be repaired and recycles the various parts (plastics, copper, aluminum, steel, etc.) through companies located within the United States (nothing is being sent to China). Doug says that they also plan to begin providing classes on computers in their facility in the future.

The business is staffed by Doug and one or more paid technicians, as well as a number of volunteers. Computer Charity is always looking for volunteers who wish to learn about repairing computers or who just wish to help out a worthy cause. Volunteers who put in a certain number of hours are allowed to put together a computer for themselves to take home and use.

Computer Charity NM
Open Mon – Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm (Except Friday, 9 am – 3 pm)
Located at the corner of Rosina Ave. and Isleta Ave., 1925 Rosina Street, Suite E in Santa Fe. 505-982-2577

website –


Family-owned Moriarty-based business provides a valuable service to fire departments throughout New Mexico

In order to comply with the codes and regulations of the National Fire Protection Association, each year all fire hoses and ground ladders in use by all fire districts of the Santa Fe County Fire Department are inspected and tested by a third-party company.

On Friday, August 28 of this year The Corridor had the opportunity to film this activity at the Eldorado fire house and to speak with Keith Henry, who with his wife Amanda owns Waterway of New Mexico, a third-party company that provides fire hose, ground ladder and hydrant testing for fire departments across New Mexico. Keith is a career fireman with the Los Alamos County Fire Department and a volunteer firefighter for the Torrance County Fire Department. Waterway of New Mexico provides this service to all of the fire departments in Santa Fe County under a contract with the County, as well as many other fire districts throughout New Mexico.

As it happened that day, there was one hose that failed the test while we were filming. You can see the results on this page! Failed hoses are taken out of service immediately. The hoses that pass inspection and testing will be returned to the truck and the process is repeated for the next truck. According to Keith Henry, the average fire hose can cost the fire department between 250 Dollars and 900 Dollars, depending upon its length, diameter and construction.

Milestone announcement for new Santa Fe grocery cooperative

At approximately noon-thirty on Tuesday, August 25th, a group of interested citizens, members of the press, and coop members, assembled on the lawn under mature shade trees on the grounds of the former Santa Fe Greenhouses property, learned the news that the Greenhouse Grocery Cooperative and Salman Enterprises had signed a purchase agreement to allow the Cooperative to purchase the Santa Fe Greenhouses property. B.J. Pheiffer, President and Founder of the Greenhouse Grocery Coop, announced this important milestone for the Coop and thanked David Salman, owner of the property, “for believing in the grocery’s vision as a possible future for this beautiful place, that he has nurtured for more than thirty years”. She went on to explain that “this familiar and beloved site is to be home to a new Siler District cooperative grocery, that supports economic resilience, food equity, safety and security, and community empowerment”.

The new cooperative grocery, to be called Greenhouse Grocery, is slated to open July of 2016. B.J. stated “the new grocery will serve the entire community, providing healthy, delicious food at affordable prices”. The coop members believe “the grocery will be a tremendous asset to the emerging Siler District, with its diversity and fresh energy”.

You can learn more about the Greenhouse Grocery Cooperative by attending one of their Informational Meetings or by visiting their office at 2902 Rufina Street (on the grounds of Santa Fe Greenhouses). The office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 7 pm.

You can also visit their website at

Email at or call 505-466-2665 or 917-783-1964.

Watch for our video presentation of the entire press conference as well as a post-conference dialogue between founder B.J. Pheiffer and Deborah Madison, a local chef, author and food activist, in a discussion about participation in the cooperative and the financial underpinnings that are in place to help the vision of the cooperative to come to fruition. Look for the link to “Greenhouse Grocery” at

Eldorado coffee house moves to new location after 20 years

There aren’t many Eldorado businesses that have stood the test of time and remained a viable offering in this community. One of the businesses that has maintained and still thrives is Las Chivas Coffee Roaster, who celebrated their 20th anniversary on August 30th in their new location (more on that later) in the La Tienda Shopping Center, which is located across the street from their original location.

For twenty years now, Las Chivas Coffee Roaster has served up their unique combination of their specially roasted free-trade and organic coffees, delicious teas, fresh foods and sweets, in an atmosphere of community involvement and support. Speaking about the move to their new location, owner Lynn Pilgrim tells us “Our lease was up on May 30, 2015. We wanted some fresh air and decided to join kindred spirits at La Tienda. We found ourselves in a community of like-minded folks and we are very happy with the move.”

Las Chivas has long supported local artists and artisans by displaying artists’ works in the coffee shop, holding poetry and book readings, as well as events such as a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and English High Tea. Las Chivas put up their 105th art show on Saturday, August 29th (just in time for their 20th anniversary celebration).

Since their move to La Tienda Las Chivas has participated in many events sponsored by the Center. They have partnered with Oasis Café (also in La Tienda) to offer freshly made sandwiches to patrons in the Coffee House, as well as partnering with local bakers to provide gluten-free and hand-baked goods. New Mexico-made ice cream has also been added to the menu at Las Chivas. The staff of Las Chivas also regularly participate in the Eldorado Farmers’ Market, which is held at La Tienda each Friday from June to October from 4 pm to 7 pm.

The new location of Las Chivas offers spacious indoor seating throughout the year, as well as outdoor seating (a good place to pick up The Corridor and read the paper while you enjoy some great coffee and fresh food).

Of special note at Las Chivas is their continued support of local artisans, who provide hand-made articles for gifts throughout the year. Eldorado resident Isabel, who is close to reaching her own century mark, still sews recycled cloth shopping bags for sale at Las Chivas.

Las Chivas is open:
Mon-Fri: 7:00am – 5:00pm
Sat: 7:00am – 5:00pm
Sun: 7:00am – 1:00pm
On Art Opening Sundays – 7:00am – 3:00pm


Tinkertown Museum re-opens for its 32nd season on April 1, 2015

Artist Ross Ward spent more than 40 years of his life carving and collecting and creating what is now the Tinkertown Museum. During the 1960’s and 70’s his miniature wood carved figures traveled to fairs and carnivals around the country. Today, more than 55,000 glass bottles form walls around the museum while wagon wheels, metal sculptures and western memorabilia complete the museum’s exterior. It is truly a folk artist’s play ground. Inside an animated miniature western town and three ring circus come to life for the viewer’s delight.

Tinkertown Museum, which opened in 1983, was created by Ross and his wife, Carla. Ross died in 2002 at age 62 from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. His widow, Carla, continues the legacy. The eccentric collections of wedding cake couples, a coin fed fortune teller and an antique wooden sailboat are just the beginning. The eclectic museum will inspire your creative spirit.

Tinkertown is located in Sandia Park on the road to Sandia Crest along the Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway (Highway 536) It is open daily April 1-November 1 9am-6pm with admission for $3.50 and children 4-16 $1.00. 281-5233

New restaurant now open in Eldorado at La Tienda

The Oasis Cafe is the newest addition to the selection of eateries in the Eldorado area. This new restaurant features gyros, grilled sandwiches, other sandwiches, salads and a kids menu. Prices range from $6 to $12 for entrees and salads. The kids menu items are $5 to $6.
The restaurant is open from 11 am to 8 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Phone is 505-467-8982. The restaurant is in Building B across from The Pink & The Blue children’s clothing consignment shop.


Las Vegas, NM Natural Food Store Has a Simple Formula For Success

Semilla Natural Foods originally opened as Old Town Natural Foods in historic old town Las Vegas, New Mexico in 1971. With a small budget and no business experience Bob Martyn and Jane Lumsden opened their doors with the mission to offer the local community good food at a good price.

Straight from high school they took their passion for natural foods and macrobiotics and created a retail space with large ceramic crocks for bulk food and glass gallon jars for herbs and a limited inventory. For 10 years they grew steadily and then moved to their present location, a quaint house built in the 1920’s and remodeled to suit their needs.

As a part of the history of Semilla Natural Foods, Bob Martyn and Jane Lumsden also helped manage and create Cliffrose Natural Foods Warehouse in Las Vegas, N.M. Starting with a pick-up truck and expanding into three semi trucks, Cliffrose delivered natural foods throughout New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, making them the first natural foods wholesaler in the U.S. to develop its own trucking route. Due to their good ethics and good pricing, Cliffrose became an honorary member of Tucson Cooperative Warehouse, one of the only privately owned businesses allowed to do so.

In 1998 Jane became sole owner and in 2002 completed a second renovation of Semilla Natural Foods at their present location.

For forty four years Jane Lumsden has run Semilla Natural Foods with the same values that have always been the hallmark of her business. Her philosophy is simple, as she states on her website, “We are all connected and every choice we make has an impact. Whether it be by shopping locally, eating organic or carpooling, we can make a difference. Healthy eating is the first step to a better quality of life…”

Jane tells us that part of her success is the people who make up her staff. “They treat me well, and I treat them well”, she says.

In a video interview for the “respectful revolution” project, Jane talks about supporting organic foods, supporting small farmers and small businesses in her community. She says that the community has supported her store over the years (allowing) her business to continue to grow.

Semilla Natural Foods is located at 510 University Avenue in the heart of Las Vegas, New Mexico. The store is easy to find. Just take the University Avenue exit off I-25 toward downtown Las Vegas. The store is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, and is closed on Sundays.

Independent Business Group in Las Vegas Energizes Local Economy

Andrea Gottschalk, current president of the Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance, contributes this insight into the current status of this unique organization for local businesses.

“The Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance (LVFIBA) has been in existence since the early 90’s. Now more than 100 members strong and counting, its main mission is to promote locally owned businesses and getting people to shop locally with its catchy slogan “Put your money where your house is”.

The economic health of a community is only as strong as its local support; this is reflected in many studies conducted all over the United States by the American Independence Business Alliance (AMIBA) of which LVFIBA is a member. “

One program that the LVFIBA has introduced is the “Shift Your Shopping” campaign.

Gottschalk explains, “The “Shift Your Shopping” campaign stems from the fact that if shoppers in rural communities such as Las Vegas would spend 10 percent more of their shopping dollars inside their own business community it would positively impact the economy of San Miguel County by about 4.5 million dollars. That could mean preventing store closings, more job opportunities with better pay rates, and greater interest from outside companies looking to set up business in San Miguel County.”

To learn more about the LVFBIA contact Andrea Gottschalk at 425-6113 or visit the website at

Utopia General Store at La Tienda is aptly named

Utopia is a general store that offers everything from designer
clothing to office supplies, gourmet food to children’s toys.
Everything is picked and priced for locals.

Our customers are smart, genuine, confident, and fun. They’re our kindred spirits and we listen to them. If we don’t have what you need, ask and we’ll get it for you. Change your mind about a purchase, bring it back – no questions asked.

We think shopping should be fun, fair, and rewarding. It should also be an adventure. Do you agree?

Eldorado now has it’s own True Value hardware store

Eldorado Hardware is a locally owned, True Value Hardware store. Focused on exceptional customer service, products relevant to our market, and getting the job done. We offer handyman services, custom order capability, the highest quality abrasives, drill bits, and saw blades in the area, feed and seed, and a state of the art, computerized color match and tinting paint system.

Soon, we will be a Husquevarna Sales and Warranty Center and a rental section complete with hand power tools, small motor garden tools, tents, tables, and more.

In addition to our regular retail services, we offer special services to local businesses.

Want your hardware supplies delivered to your business at no charge?
Don’t worry. Eldorado Hardware has you covered.

The Pink & The Blue new consignment store in the La Tienda Center

Sasha Russell, a former wardrobe stylist for film, fashion, and advertising, has opened a children’s clothing store at La Tienda in Eldorado called The Pink & The Blue. The store carries consignment and new clothing for babies and children 0-12, toys, books, maternity wear, Easter items, and more.

A stay-at-home mom for six years, with two small children, Sasha knows the needs of babies, kids, and moms.

The Pink & The Blue is located in the La Tienda Shopping Center in Eldorado. The store is open Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5:30 pm (Closed Mon, Wed, Fri from 12-1 pm).

Community Spotlights

Former “Whatnot Shop” in Cerrillos Now a Busy Mercantile Center

Located at 15B First Street in downtown Cerrillos, New Mexico is a recently renovated and revitalized mercantile center that has roots going back to the 1890s. Cerrillos Station is two buildings combined into one large center, The mercantile offers American Craft, gifts and art, healthy provisions and a gallery for art and art classes, a movement studio for ballet and Yoga, a day spa offering a hair salon, facials and massage therapy, a courtyard where patrons can sit in the shade and enjoy sculpture while nearby food trucks serve delicious dinners and an artisan from Santo Domingo Pueblo bakes bread in an horno (earth Oven).

Cerrillos Station is easy to find and a great drive from either Santa Fe or Albuquerque along The Turquoise Trail Scenic Byway. From Santa Fe take Hwy 14 South

(Cerrillos Road) 22 minutes outside Santa Fe City limits and turn right onto Main Street toward the village of Cerrillos. Turn right at First Street, Cerrillos Station is on the right. From Albuquerque take I-40 East and exit at Cedar Crest and keep left. Follow the Turquoise Trail and drive 3 miles past the Village of Madrid. Turn left onto Main Street toward the village of Cerrillos. Turn right at First Street, Cerrillos Station is on the right.

In 2015 Barbara Briggs bought the buildings and began an extensive renovation process. The green renovation included bridging between the history and the future.

For hours and other information visit or call (505) 474-9326

Electric Bikes Hit the Trail in Cerrillos, New Mexico

Just as Summer is heating up, another opportunity to get out and about has opened for business along the Turquuoise Trail.

The recently established CERRILLOS E-BIKE was founded by Steve and Bonnie Gibons. Their background in tourism and their love for history all came together in the small village of Cerrillos, New Mexico.

CERRILLOS E-BIKE, specializes in “electric assist” biking excursions from novice to expert biker, offering rentals as well as tours. If you are on one of their tours, their FAT TIRE bikes and certified guides will keep you safe, having fun and full of historical information. For operating hours and reservations visit or call (505) 473-8560.


Edgewood, New Mexico

Wildlife Park in Edgewood Starts up the Summer with Popular Chuckwagon Suppers

Join us for dinner and music at one of central New Mexico’s most enjoyable attractions, just 20 minutes east of Albuquerque in Edgewood! The park is open to chuck wagon guests at 5:30; the falcon show begins at 6:00; hayrides run from 6:00 to 7:00; and dinner is served at 7:00. The music starts approximately 8:00 and usually runs for about an hour.

Just before the show starts, world-renowned falconer Tom Smylie will present a special free-flight Peregrine Falcon demonstration. The audience will experience these magnificent birds close up and learn how the fastest raptor on earth survives in the wild. A puppet show, created by youth, tells a fun and heart-warming story of other animals in the Park.

Reservations are required by 2:00 PM on the day of the show; vegetarian options must be requested at time of reservation. To make reservations, please contact us: (505) 281-7655

Join us for our first Chuckwagon Supper and one-day Wildlife Festival on Saturday, June 18, 2016.

Popular Pet Store in Eldorado Makes a Big Move Into a Bigger and Better Store

by Kim Shanahan

When Lisa Boegl, owner of Eldorado Country Pet, moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Eldorado in 1999, the first thing she thought was, “This place needs a pet supply store.” As someone who managed her first retail store at the age of 20, a busy record store in Washington State, she knew she was up for the task but put the notion on the back burner for a while.

In the meantime, an opportunity to pursue another passion – wild birds – presented itself and she took the job of volunteer coordinator for the Randall Davey Audubon Center on Upper Canyon Rd. “It was a great five year run,” Lisa said. “I learned so much about the wild birds and wildlife of New Mexico and participated in numerous bird counts from Raton to Socorro.”
While the Audubon Center was a great experience, Lisa was always on the watch to resume another great passion – animal welfare. Before moving to NM, Lisa had been the wildlife rehabilitation coordinator for Peninsula Humane Society, one of California’s only animal shelters with a wildlife division. “I loved that job,” Lisa remembers. “Helping sick and injured animals back to health and then releasing them back to their natural elements was tremendously gratifying and extremely hard work.”

One animal she nursed back to health was not a wild one but was on death’s door when he came into the shelter. That was a stray, year-old green iguana. Lisa took Manny home to rehab and ultimately adopted him. Manny made the move to Eldorado with Lisa, along with a female iguana and a rescued collie named Sable. Manny is now a healthy 19+ years old and enjoying his senior years in his own climate-controlled, sun-filled room in Lisa’s Eldorado home.

The chance to get back into animal welfare presented itself when Lisa accepted a position as cruelty case manager with Animal Protection of New Mexico, a position she was well-suited for after five years of working as community outreach manager at the Peninsula Humane Society. Both positions required knowledge of animal ordinances, and grass-roots organizational skills. “I’ve never been one to stick my head in the sand when it comes to animal abuse and the rights all living beings should be allowed. It certainly wasn’t glamorous work, but necessary work that many people find unappealing.”

In 2007 Lisa decided to get back into the retail game and managed two different pet supply stores in Santa Fe. “It was fun to be responsible for the stores, but I was eager to fulfill my dream of owning my own pet supply business,” Lisa said. So when Tina Carr offered Lisa the chance to work at Eldorado Country Pet with the idea of eventually buying it, Lisa jumped at the chance. “Tina saw the same need I did when she moved to Eldorado,” Lisa said, “and she built a great community store and I couldn’t wait to build upon Tina’s success.”

Lisa and Tina consummated the sale of Eldorado Country Pet on the final day of 2014 and Lisa has never looked back. Indeed, the most exciting event just happened when Lisa took over three vacant spaces in the Agora and expanded the store. The beautiful remodel was finished the first week of April and the move was accomplished in two days, thanks to the generous help of 25 dedicated and loyal customers who came out on a Sunday to help. “The response to the new store is overwhelming and I look forward to becoming more of a community resource,” Lisa said.

She’s also excited to bring her own dogs to work with her. Lisa has been a volunteer, and more recently a board member of Southwest Collie Rescue since 2006. She has fostered 15 collies (and mixes), and adopted only three of them!

Lisa knows the success of Eldorado Country Pet & Wild Bird is dependent on its loyal customers. She also feels blessed to have a dedicated staff of Patty McNally, Autumn Buddemeier, Freddi Martinez and Anne Embry – all Eldoradoans who are extremely knowledgeable in animal nutrition, health, grooming and behavior.

A Grand Re-Opening is planned for Saturday June 4th. It will be a great party and the entire community is invited!


The mission of Santa Fe Community Farm is to provide fresh organic produce to those in need; practice sustainability; preserve agricultural land; and promote community awareness of hunger issues and sustainable food-producing practices that keep our environment safe and healthy.
We welcome volunteers of all ages, experience, and ability to help us grow food for the hungry in our community – we literally couldn’t do the work without you! Volunteers help plant, weed and harvest food: gaining hands-on knowledge of organic and sustainable farming practices as well as the satisfaction of giving back to the community.

To schedule a volunteer group, please contact or call 505-983-3033.

Adopt-A Row

Support our efforts by sponsoring one or more rows of produce with your name or your business name! You can be as involved with your adoptive row as you wish. All adoptive “parents” will be recognized with an end-row sign placed with their name and crop proudly displayed, a personalized certificate of adoption, and a box of harvested vegetables of their choice to keep or donate to those in need via the Food Depot.

This program is vital for allowing us to keep the farm running.

1829 San Ysidro Crossing
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

Farm Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat
(approximately Mar – Oct, in early Spring or late Fall call to confirm hours)
Farm Stand: Sundays 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. In season (approximately June – October)


A small farm in Moriarty continues the tradition of family farming

by Marc-Paul LaRouche
The plight of the family-run farm has long been a concern across America. More and more, continuity from generation to generation seems to be a thing of the past. Hard work, difficult conditions, scarce financial options, as well as the allure of easier findings away from the farm have all contributed to the gradual demise of the family farm. Schwebach Farm, a local and celebrated family-run farm, is located in the Estancia Valley in Moriarty, New Mexico. The farm continues to buck this trend, currently championing its seventh generation as farmers and celebrating 45 years as a family working the fields in this location.

Current owners Dean and Ivellise (Evie) Schwebach are the sixth generation of Schwebachs to call working this farm their life and livelihood. Dean’s father, Don Schwebach came to the Estancia Valley on his honeymoon with his wife Martha. When Dean was three years old his parents moved to this property and began farming it. When Dean’s father wanted to retire, about fifteen years ago, Evie and Dean came to Estancia to buy the farm and continue the heritage of family farming. Their oldest son is hoping to continue, and the Schwebachs also hope that he will be able to carry on the farming tradition.

The Schwebachs run the farm with the help of their six children. The little ones participate by conducting “quality control”, that is, they eat what they grow and help to make sure that the food is good. Says mom Evie “They (their children) can go and pick a green bean, pick an ear of corn, and they’re eating something that’s good and healthy. That’s one of the reasons that we choose to not grow genetic food, because there’s not a lot of research out there that shows that it’s safe. More research is showing that it isn’t. We try to evaluate every year what we’re growing, how we’re growing it, and use growing practices that we know are safe for everyone.”

Evie tells us about their crops and why they grow what they grow. “Sweet corn is one of our main crops. We grow Pinto beans and an heirloom bean called the Bolita. The Bolita was actually believed to have been brought into the States before Pintos were, by the Spaniards. People in Northern New Mexico and in Southern Colorado primarily eat Bolita beans, but of course there is a big Pinto bean following in our state, so we grow both. We also do a 3 acre garden of all sorts of vegetables, which we sell in our store. We grow peppers, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, melons and berries, including a raspberry patch and a blackberry patch. We try to grow a wide variety, including non-GMO food-grade corn for milling into cornmeal. We also grow popcorn, as well as some hay for our animals and for sale.”

Schwebach Farm Market typically opens late July to early August until mid to late October, depending on the first frost, which determines when they will wrap up the season. Schwebach Farm is located at 807 West Martinez Road in Moriarty. Call them at (505) 832-6171 or visit their website at

New HIPICO Santa Fe Equestrian Center is open for business

The latest incarnation of the polo fields south of Santa Fe has come into being as HIPICO Santa Fe. The improvement to the grounds is nothing short of extraordinary.

For many years the venue was known as the Santa Fe Horse Park and the Santa Fe Equestrian Center. It hosted top shows for many disciplines as well as a summer polo circuit. The original 137-acre facility includes multi-discipline arenas, an indoor arena, spacious barns, turnouts and polo fields.

In January of 2015, under the company name of Grand Prix de Santa Fe, LLC., the McElvain and Gonzales families purchased the equestrian center facility and renamed it HIPICO Santa Fe. The renovated facility has a distinctive southwestern charm and the facilities for horse events of all types. Its inaugural event is the Santa Fe Summer Series of A-rated hunter/jumper competition for three weeks beginning July 22. To learn more about the HIPICO Summer Series see our listing in the Summer Guide on page 7 of this issue.
Find Out More at

100th Las Vegas Cowboy’s Reunion – Centennial Celebration

Saturday, August 1 through Sunday, August 9, 2015
The 100th Anniversary of the Las Vegas, New Mexico, Cowboys’ Reunion is scheduled for the first week in August 2015. This Centennial Celebration includes a “hundred-horse, non-motorized parade” on the morning of Saturday, August 1st. A rodeo, art exhibits, bus tours, western dancing, barbecues, and a family fun day are all part of the festivities for this year’s not-to-be-missed events.

…And here’s an update

July 13, 2015

“Folks, we stopped counting when the number of horses signed up for our “100 Horse Parade” reached 200. That was last week. And the calls keep coming in steadily–just today I’ve gotten calls to sign up 31 horses and 4 carriages. This is gonna be historic!
You haven’t seen anything like this, I’ll wager . . . and you’re never going to see this again!
Come be a part of history!”

A Pecos landmark gets a new look

by Marc-Paul LaRouche

There is some fresh paint and a vibrant new mural gracing the sides of a Pecos historic landmark that is, for many, synonymous with Pecos. Adelo’s Town & Country Store, a family business at this location since 1947, is located at 13 Pecos Highway (NM 50) in downtown Pecos. The Adelo family has owned and operated a general store in Pecos since 1917. The “last of a dying breed”, this store provided groceries, hardware, liquor, meat, etc. (and fishing advice) for the Pecos area until 2011, when it was finally closed due to economic conditions. Owner George Adelo, a local attorney, is also on the board of the nearby Tarnoff Art Center. With his blessing a very special art project was launched. With the help of a grant from Target Corporation and generous discounts from the local True Value Hardware Store in Eldorado, along with private donors, a project was begun that put middle and high school kids (and many volunteers) to work painting a colorful and informative mural on two sides of the building. Editor’s note: Mr. Adelo tells us that there are plans in the works to re-open the store in the near future to provide hardware and plumbing.

The grant for this project was made to create a mural for the community of Pecos, NM reflecting the history of the Pecos community. The project was directed by representatives from the Tarnoff Art Center, including co-founder Laura Tarnoff. The front side of the building, which faces NM 50, depicts sacred and spiritual animals, including a raven, a kestrel, an eagle and a deer. A white buffalo is depicted on the side of the building. Also depicted in this mural are the ruins of the old mission church, now a part of the Pecos National Historical Park, as well as the Ancestral Puebloan kiva which was reconstructed by the National Park Service on the grounds of the mission.

The mural project was begun on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. The students working on this project came from Pecos High School and Pecos Middle School. When we visited the site on the afternoon of Friday, June 19, there were six high school students from Pecos High School. as well as other volunteers, all working on completion of the mural. On site was one paid artist and a paid assistant, with all others being volunteers.

Tarnoff Art Center

Tarnoff Art Center, a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization, is located about 3 miles from I-25 exit 307 near Rowe, NM. Board member and grant writer Carol A. Sharps granted us a live interview when we visited the mural site on Friday, June 19th. According to Carol Sharps, the mission of the Tarnoff Art Center is to provide art education and art to the communities of Pecos, eastern San Miguel County and western Santa Fe County. More specifically, she says, they strive to provide art education to the children of the Pecos Independent School District, as they no longer have Federal funding to provide art education in the schools.

The co-founders of the Tarnoff Art Center are Laura Tarnoff and Sherwin Tarnoff. Laura Tarnoff is an art educator with a degree in art education and fine arts.

Laura is also a visual artist and painter. Sherwin Tarnoff is treasurer of the organization and serves as the lead metal arts and welding instructor at the Center.

For more information about the Tarnoff Art Center or to get involved in their efforts to bring art to this community visit their website  The organization also maintains 2 Facebook pages – TarnoffArtCenter and AMSGallery. To arrange a visit to the Tarnoff Art Center or to learn more contact the Center at 505-919-8888.

Classic motorcycle show returns to La Tienda in Eldorado for the fourth year         

On Sunday, June 21, 2015 (Father’s Day) from 10 am to 3 pm at the La Tienda shopping plaza in Eldorado at Santa Fe, Motorado Motorcycle Club of Santa Fe will present its 4th Annual Motorado Classic Motorcycle Show.

Whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or just looking for a fun afternoon, this is the place to be on Father’s Day. Nearly one hundred classic motorcycles from all over New Mexico as well as neighboring states will be on display. The bikes will be judged and awards presented to the best in their categories. This year the show will feature British marques, a class of British racing bikes. There will also be a new entry this year for a special class of Honda motorcycles, the CBX, which was a special 6-cylinder bike that was built by Honda for a few years in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Admission is free and open to all ages. You are encouraged to bring your camera to photograph these rare and beautiful motorcycles and chat with their owners to learn all about each bike. Many sponsors will display their products and services.

The Motorado Motorcycle Club is putting on this event to promote interest in vintage and classic motorcycles, and to help a good cause. The club has sold sponsorships to individuals and businesses who wish to promote the show and help with the benefit. As in previous years the beneficiary of this event is the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society.

Nonprofit Spotlight: PAWS (People for Animal Welfare Society) of NM

Pecos, NM

Rummage Sales are held on Sundays from 11am to 3 pm at the PAWS Pavilion in Pecos at the corner of Routes 50 & 53 next to Frankie’s Casanova Restaurant. The PAWS Pavilion holds other events and programs during the summer. Stay tuned!
For more information, please call 505-466-1525

PAWS (People for Animal Welfare Society) of NM Is an all volunteer 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals, the promotion of humane animal care, and the reduction of over-population of companion animals in New Mexico.

Our commitment is to
• Reduce overpopulation of unwanted pets in New Mexico
• Provide low-cost spay/neuter clinics in San Miguel County using
the PAWS Mobile Van, coordinate low-cost programs through local
veterinarians, The Santa Fe Animal Shelter’s Wellness Clinic and
their mobile spay/neuter van
• Promote humane treatment of animals through education
• Improve the health and living conditions of companion animals
• Provide assistance in placing adoptable animals in loving homes
• Organize, plan and execute activities for the annual New Mexico’s
Week for the Animals
• Collaborate with other animal organizations and groups to achieve
No More Homeless Pets in New Mexico
• Operate the PAWS Emergency Food Bank for Pets
• Promote understanding of the interdependence of people, animals
and the environment.

For more information, please call 505-466-1525. You can visit their website at

Placitas, New Mexico

The Corridor is now available in Placitas, New Mexico at the Placitas Community Library. The history of this small community dates back to 1765, where a walled village was built by colonial Spanish settlers. Today Placitas is a community of approx. 5,000 residents and boasts a Community Library, Senior Center, an Elementary School and has just recently launched a public radio station. Placitas is located east of I-25 at NM 165.

Arte de Placitas is a community gallery in Placitas, New Mexico, USA, open for shopping six days a week (Tuesday-Sunday). Arte de Placitas is also the starting point for the Placitas Studio Tour, which takes place on May 9 and 10, 2015.

Que Sera Alpacas will hold their annual Shearing event on Tuesday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

Que Sera Alpacas, a working Alpaca ranch and ranch boutique, will hold their annual Spring shearing of their Alpaca herd on Tuesday, June 2 all day and Wednesday June 3 morning only.

Que Sera Farm is located 7000 feet above sea level, nestled at the foot of the towering Sangre de Cristo Mountains just 20 minutes south of the historic Santa Fe Plaza. Their location in the high desert plateaus of Northern New Mexico affords them cool summer evenings and cold dry winters – perfect for these fleece producing animals.

Spring visitors to Que Sera Alpaca’s, a working Alpaca ranch located just south of Eldorado, will have the opportunity to view baby Alpacas and their moms, observe how an Alpaca ranch is run, and shop in the Ranch Boutique on the premises, where you will find yarns spun from fleece from the Que Sera herd as well as other items of interest.

Owner Anne Stallcup calls herself a “bona fide fiber nerd”. She has studied with Ruth Elvestad to learn how to sort and grade alpaca fleeces. Anne spins and crochets and dabbles in needle felting and dyeing.

To visit Que Sera Alpacas or for more information call Anne at 505-310-3369. Que Sera Alpaca Ranch is located about 1.5 miles south of the main entrance to Eldorado. For more information visit their website at

Saturday, May 23rd declared Harvey Girls Day in New Mexico                                                               

New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez has declared that May 23rd, 2015 is Harvey Girls Day 

On Saturday, May 23rd at the KiMo Theater in Albuquerque, a special showing of the documentary film “The Harvey Girls: Opportunity Bound” will take place at 1:30 pm.

Las Vegas Resident Kathy Hendrickson, a board member of the Citizens Committee for Historic Places in Las Vegas, will be in attendance along with the Las Vegas Harvey Girls.

The Las Vegas Harvey Girls are a dedicated group of volunteers committed to preserving the legendary Fred Harvey Girls legacy. Kathy Hendrickson started the Harvey Girls tours with five local women dressing as Harvey Girls. For more information about the Las Vegas Harvey Girls Tours please call Kathy Hendrickson at 505-459-6987.

The Hotel Castaneda is a former Fred Harvey Hotel located in Las Vegas, New Mexico, along Amtrak’s Southwest Chief line. The hotel was recently purchased by hotelier Allan Affeldt and his wife Tina Mion Affeldt, owners of the La Posada Hotel in Winslow, Arizona. The La Posada was another Fred Harvey Hotel.


Git fer Vegas, Cowboy!

Las Vegas Cowboys’ Reunion Centennial Celebration – Concurrent with the Las Vegas Heritage Week August 1-8, 2015

Story by Ron Querry

The first Cowboys’ Reunion was held in Las Vegas, New Mexico, in July of 1915, and was the start of a tradition that lasted, in one form or another, until 1967.

While the rodeo was the centerpiece of these gatherings, there were typically parades, barbecues, dances, and the opportunities for getting reacquainted that family reunions afford. Big name rodeo stars and entertainers attracted spectators from near and far. The second year of the Reunion, 1916, The Las Vegas Optic reported that there were ten-thousand in attendance at the rodeo.

On the one-hundredth anniversary of that first Reunion, the community of Las Vegas has determined to hold a celebration that would make the old-timers proud. The Las Vegas Cowboys’ Reunion Centennial Celebration is set to be held the first week of August 2015. This celebration is a part of and runs concurrent to the Las Vegas Heritage Week.

Centennial Celebration plans have been in the works for a year-and-a-half and we can tell you that there is considerable enthusiasm in this community and beyond for the event. For example, we have worked closely with the City to schedule a “Hundred-Horse, Non-Motorized Parade” to kick off the Celebration. There are preparations underway for an exciting Ranch Rodeo. Arrangements are being finalized for a Dutch-Oven Cook-Off and Barbecue to be held on the grounds of the historic Castañeda Hotel. We are organizing panel groups and lectures on the Reunions to be held in different venues around town. As a centerpiece of the Celebration, there will be a major exhibition of historical panoramic photographs and rodeo ephemera from the past hundred years at the Ray Drew Gallery at New Mexico Highlands University for the entire month of August. In addition, we are working on a big dance, lots of cowboy music and poetry presentations, live theater presentations, and the showing of silent Tom Mix films from the Reunion era. Along with such figures as “Tex” Austin, “Idaho Bill” Pearson, “Prairie Rose” Henderson, “Foghorn” Clancy, Montana Belle, and Will James, Tom Mix was a participant in early Reunions. There will be tours of historical ranches (including the famed Forked Lightning Ranch at Pecos, built by Reunion Rodeo founder, “Tex” Austin, who hired architect John Gaw Meem to design and build the main ranch house on a bluff above the Pecos River), other historical sites, and much, much more.

To follow the progress of this event or to learn more visit the website at

United World College USA (UWC USA) offers student-led tours of the Montezuma Castle on designated Saturdays – no reservations are required.

Tours will begin in front of the Old Stone Hotel at 1 pm and will last approximately 1 hour. Parking is available near the Welcome Center.

Dates for the remaining 2015 tours are: March 21, March 28, April 4, April 11, and April 18

(Please note: since the Castle serves as a residence and is used daily for college activities, it is not open to the public. All visitors must have a college guide. For inquiries please call 505-454-4221.

Montezuma Castle is located just north of Las Vegas, in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristos Mountains. Originally built in 1886 by the AT&SF Railroad as a resort destination, this Fred Harvey Hotel offered more than 90,000 square feet of guestrooms, dining room, billiard room, hot springs-fed baths and even a miniature zoo. It was a popular spot for tourists seeking rest and relaxation, and “consumptives” seeking renewed vigor in the medicinal hot springs. The hotel suffered two devastating fires before the turn of the century but was painstakingly rebuilt. Designed by Chicago architects Burnham & Root, in the Queen Anne Style, this magnificent building was totally restored in 2000. It is now part of the Armand Hammer United World College of the American West, a two year college prepartory school for international students.

Additional opportunities to tour Montezuma Castle – For 25 years the Las Vegas Committee for Historic Preservation has organized “Places With a Past” walking tours which have included the Montezuma Castle, The Hotel Castaneda, and select historic homes. For more information about these tours please contact the LVCCHP at 505-425-8803 or visit their website at

“The 2015 Season Kickoff for the Eldorado School Community Garden will take place on Saturday, March 7 from 9:30-11:00 am at the Eldorado Community School library, 2 Avenida Torreon.”

Did you know that there is a little Garden of Eden tucked behind the Eldorado Community School? In January 2009, the school invited community members to establish a school-community garden on their property, located on 1.5 acres behind the school’s soccer field. Since then, a dedicated group of volunteers has transformed the raw land into a magical place of life, color and sustenance during the growing season. The garden now boasts 40 4×8 beds, a 2,500 sq. ft. communal garden, a labyrinth, cactus garden, perennial garden, koi pond, tool shed, greenhouse, several compost areas and a drip irrigation system. Herbicide and pesticide-free, we offer a variety of spaces for organic gardening.

Whether you have an interest in learning more about organic gardening and land stewardship, learning how to garden in our climate, exercising in the fresh air or creating friendships with other gardeners – join us on March 7 to sign up and get a garden tour. For questions or to request a membership packet contact Carol Robles at

Santa Fe Raptor Center Holds Bird Handling Classes

Interested in volunteering with the Santa Fe Raptor Center? There will be Bird Handling Training classes offered March 7, 14 and 21 2015 in Santa Fe near Whole Foods on Cerrillos. Advanced reservations are required and contact Lori Paras, the Center’s director, at 505-699-0455.

The Santa Fe Raptor Center rescues, rehabilitates and releases raptors, including hawks, falcons, owls and eagles. Recent releases in the Eldorado area include barn owls released last fall in Galiseto and falcons and hawks released near Moriarty.

If you find an injured bird, contact a local veterinarian who can then contact the SF Raptor Center. The center has moved their birds to El Rito north of Espanola but continues to bring educational birds to the Santa Fe Farmers market and other events.

On February 21, 2015 the online newspaper held a benefit for SF Raptor Center to demonstrate handling the raptors and to help raise much needed funds to feed the birds. Great music, great food and amazing birds (and their handlers, of course)!

You can visit their website at, or check out their Facebook page

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